Water Conservation

Did you know the best way to keep your septic system from failing is to conserve water?   Conserving water has many benefits.  One of them is with the septic system.  Decreasing the amount of laundry you do, taking shorter showers, and using less water to wash dishes are some of the major ways you can conserve water in your house. Not only keeping your water bill down but also making your septic system last longer and allowing the system to work properly.

“Water conservation is probably the most effective way to prevent septic system failures. Reducing water use in the home reduces the flow through the system, allowing more time for solids to settle and digest in the septic. It also decreases the chances of overloading the soil absorption field. In addition, divert roof drains and surface water from driveways and hillsides away from the drainfield.” (Penn State College of Agricultural Science, Prevent your Septic System from Failing, April 2011)