New Construction

When you have a new construction property that is not located near community sewers, a septic tank system will need to be installed.

There are many steps to making sure the system is installed correctly, and with our years of experience, we can help make this process run as smooth as possible.

First, a permit must be applied for through your county environmental health department.  In Hamilton County, Tennessee, the building and zoning department processes all septic system permits. Strive the luck is definitely a chop recreation betfair bingo promo code existing customers no deposit.  The Application for SSDS Permit is the form you need to fill out and take to their office with a fee, you may need to check back to see if the fees have changed.

Second, a site and soil evaluation will determine what kind of system will work best for your property.  To have a soil test done using a county approved soil consultant, you may get a list from the health department.  In Hamilton County, the University of Tennessee Extension Department is suggested.  The soil consultant will also require a processing fee of $250 to $300 dollars depending on who is hired to do the testing.  The information gathered will also be used for applying for a city or county permit to gain authorization for installation of your septic system.

Third, a county health department or building inspector will come to your construction site to evaluate the location and use the soil test to determine what type of septic system is allowable in your location.   You may be required to install a specific type of septic system or they may just give you a broad range of options for your type of soil.

Fourth, we can install the type of septic system that you desire and is permitted by the county inspector.

Fifth, after installation is complete the inspector will be required to return and approve the installation of septic system.




When adding onto an existing home, especially if a new bedroom is desired, the county will need to inspect the current septic tank to make sure that the waste water will be handled properly.  In Hamilton County a “Use of Existing Septic System” application is required to be filled out and a fee paid.

If a soil map is needed for your application an approved soil consultant should be found.  Some suggestions can be found at the State of Tennessee’s Environmental Site for a list of consultants.

Once the applications has been submitted an inspector should visit your construction site within three days to determine if all regulations have been met.

  • If regulations have been met, a permit will be issued for the building, or approval will be given for the addition.
  • If regulations are not met, your application cannot be approved unless there are minor changes that can be made to comply with the regulations.
  • If the application is denied, individuals may seek a variance from the state.


Local County Information Sites

For your building site location fees, forms, and soil consultants may be different.  Contact your local county environmental health department for your area.  Some options are listed below.

Bradley County Tennessee Website                               (423) 728-7020

Catoosa County Georgia Health Department Site      (706) 406-2030

Dade County Georgia Health Department Website   (706) 657-4213

Hamilton County Tennessee Building Site Forms      (423) 209-7860

Marion County Tennessee Chamber Website              (423) 942-2238