We are a licensed company and can do major or minor repairs to your septic system.  We specialize in traditional systems and strive to do the job right the first time so repairs are not needed in the future. More details on the subject of betfair bingo bonus code.  However, there are always unforeseeable circumstances and a need for repairs may arise. 

Did you find a sewage leak in your yard?  What does it mean? Let us come and inspect the problem and we can provide you the best solution.

Older construction properties may need a complete replacement, but many times it may only take installing additional field lines to properly control the waster water from your building.

Several issues can affect the efficiency of the septic tank or disposal field.

  1. The effluent filter – with out proper yearly maintenance this filter can become clogged or damaged and creating a blockage before waste water can reach the disposal field lines.  Simply cleaning this filter out or replacing it may be a simple solution to your problem.
  2. Roots in the system – over the life of a septic system trees growing nearby may spread their root systems into the disposal field piping and create a blockage.  In this case the most cost effective method of repairing your system is to install additional field lines into the reserve disposal field area.
  3. Hydraulic Overload – is a problem created when the septic system, including the soil, receives more water than it was designed to dispose of and creates an oversaturation of the area.  In this case the most cost effective method of repairing your system is to install additional field lines into the reserve disposal field area.
  4. Excessive Bio-Mat – this is a black, smelly biological growth that saturates the soil not allowing it to absorb the effluent water.  A solution tot this problem is adding bacteria to your system to attach the Bio-Mat growing in your system.
  5. Unsealed Tank – very rarely a septic tank will become cracked or become damaged and loose the seal it needs to work properly.  To determine if this is the problem the top of the tank will need to be uncovered and inspected.
  6. Age of System – most septic systems last 25 to 30 years and may need replaced when they have saturated an area or the disposal field has deteriorated beyond use.

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